Precision and Perspective for Media Investments: With specialty in advancing health and wellness brands
Underscore develops, manages and measures paid, earned and owned media programs for health and wellness brands. Whether you’re targeting consumers, healthcare professionals or both, we’ll translate your brand objectives into media strategies and programs that drive your business goals. We think carefully about the balance of paid media investments, brand-owned assets, and earned media potential and provide insights that optimize investments.

To us, there are two categories of solutions: the one that is exactly right for your unique challenge – and everything else. Underscore programs are precisely targeted to reach the right people in the right places. Measurement through to ROI and business impact is a guiding principle for every program. We set benchmarks and guidelines before we begin investing and provide insightful reporting and results analysis throughout your campaigns. We partner seamlessly with your other agencies and collaborate to make your work simpler.

Technology transforms media every day, not just the obvious channels like digital, social and mobile. Out of Home, magazines, radio and other “traditional” media are changing as well. Our job is to deliver the right mix of media by staying ahead of this rapidly-shifting landscape, making certain we maintain brand integrity, abide by FDA regulations and privacy policies, and enable your communications to resonate with your audience.

Our solutions are right only if they can be implemented, if they perform, and if they support your brand’s strategy. We are accountable for our recommendations leveraging third party research, audits, and program optimization as our client’s brands evolve and grow. We’re actively growing, too, and are happy to share case studies, insights and relevant success stories with prospective clients upon request.

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Digital Marketing Planning and Program Execution
In today’s fragmented market, it’s important to have an unbiased partner like Underscore assisting with your marketing planning endeavors. We structured our compensation model so that we’re not incentivized to recommend specific channels in the hopes of achieving higher commissions and fees.
Search Marketing
T hese days, Search Marketing is about a lot more than simple keyword advertising. Being findable requires a comprehensive strategy that considers everything from the code on your website to the promotion of your video assets to where discussion of your product is happening in social media.

Technology Consulting
We’ve done our diligence around the technology that touches marketing, and our clients benefit tremendously as a result. We famously saved Hilton Hotels $6 million in their first year, by conducting an adserving review and recommending a more appropriate provider. Give us a call if you would like to see what turbocharging your tech might do for your business.

Media Planning, Buying, and Campaign Maintenance
Technology transforms media every day, not just the obvious channels like the web and mobile. Out of Home, magazines, radio and other “traditional” media are being transformed as well. Our job is to get it right by staying ahead of this rapidly shifting landscape, translating your brand objectives into strategies and programs that work.
Social Media
Aligning with great content can do wonders for your brand, but content is only one piece of the digital puzzle. Digital channels carry more conversation than they do professionally-produced content. And that means that people are talking about your brand, products and company, as well as about how they relate to all of them.