Tom HesposTom has been involved in interactive communications since 1995.
He started his advertising career at Young & Rubicam, working on both traditional and interactive media. He has held management-level media positions at K2 Design, Blue Marble ACG and Mezzina Brown & Partners.
Tom’s brand experience includes: USArmy, The MathWorks, Wyeth, Schering Plough, Verizon, ToysRUs and AOL, to name a few. Referred to by some as “a spiritual leader for online advertising,” Tom has a rare combination of communications and media and technology experience that has shaped his holistic approach to online media. Tom is a long-standing weekly columnist for iMedia Connection, ClickZ and Mediapost.
He is a frequent speaker at key industry events and a regular contributor to DM News, Business 2.0, The Industry Standard and other business publications. A self-professed social media junkie, Tom can often be found offering up his latest views on Conversational Marketing, new media channels and the social web on his own blog, and elsewhere in the blogosphere. He has also contributed chapters and essays to business books such as Joseph Jaffe’s Join the Conversation and The Annenberg Press’ The Hyperlinked Society.
Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Washington & Lee University. He is a member of The One Hundred Club, The Five Hundred Club, The Old Timers List (founder) and American Mensa. He lives on Long Island with his wife.