Ewa Kopcinska

Regional Managing Director, EU

Ewa joined the Underscore team in 2007 as a marketing analyst, first—working on display campaigns—and then she supported the search team. From there, she spent a few years in our NY office to get hands-on experience working with our paid search and eDR team. In 2011, she moved to Poland to lead the eDR team in Krakow as eDR Supervisor and has recently been named the Regional Director in the EU.

Ewa likes to travel and go horseback riding. She has her MA in Economics from Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie and lives in Krakow, Poland with her husband and daughter.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about media?
There’s a big difference between healthcare marketers in the US compared to those in central/eastern Europe. In Europe, there’s still some doubt about whether digital marketing works and whether it can bring measurable results. It’s my job to help provide an understanding about the possibilities for their business.

How do you describe your job?
As Regional Managing Director, I am responsible for successful collaboration between our offices. However, my main role is to provide leadership to the team in Krakow. I also run the day-to-day office functions, recruit and train the staff, assist in creating annual budgets, and monitor finances. I am also looking into new business opportunities in Europe.

What makes Underscore different?
The strategic approach and dedication of the team and the company is unrivaled. Our plans continue to get optimized and our teams continue to analyze and bring ideas to our clients.

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