Kevin Wenig

Director of Finance

Kevin has been heading up the Finance department since he joined the company in 2003, Underscore’s early days. Before Underscore, he worked at a large, multi-national CPA firm in the small business and tax department.

Kevin loves the outdoors and reads a new book every week. He is a graduate of SUNY Oswego and lives in Easton, CT with his wife and two children.

What makes Underscore different?
The freedom. I admire and appreciate the leadership at the agency that sets the tone to encourage an independent working environment.

How do you describe your job?
I am responsible for the Finance Department. We look to find efficiencies and increase the bottom line, invest wisely, take advantage of discounts and participate in contract negotiations. In a more procedural capacity, the Finance department pays the bills, prepares invoices, collections, payroll, taxes, reconcile jobs and all financial reporting.

Do you have any unique hobbies/interests?
I have been developing commercially available software for many years. I also give webinars to other CPA firms on how to bring technology into their practice.

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