Russell Smith


Russell is responsible for all of the fiscal responsibilities at Underscore, overseeing the financial process and operations for our clients. With a career spanning 3 decades, Russell has been managing our finance team since 2008, helping countless healthcare clients with the ultimate accountability: working within their budgets and helping to meet and exceed their marketing goals.

Before Underscore, Russell spent 5 years at Inspira Marketing as their Controller.

Russell is a graduate from SUNY Cortland College and he lives in Monroe, CT with his wife and 3 children.

What do you bring to the Underscore team?
I have years of experience in and around media and advertising, with thorough knowledge of client-side and vendor-side concerns. I also have years of practical experience dealing with the finances of media agencies, marketing firms, and small creative agencies.

How do you describe your job?
I manage the finances of the agency. Interface with the teams that plan and place media on Web sites, search engines, etc., to manage client expectations with cost…and that’s only about a third of it.

What’s your favorite part of working at Underscore?
My interactions with the people I work with. It’s a diverse, talented group of folks who work really hard and enjoy having fun together.

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