Why Choose Us?

Our Story

Underscore was founded in 2002 and is a worldwide strategic media company providing ROI solutions by an integrated team of cross-media specialists. Our leadership team is deeply rooted in the industry and has been recognized by Inc. 500, KPMG, Pharma360, MM&M, and more for its innovation and success in delivering strong media results for clients.


We focus on providing accountable solutions for clients primarily in the health & wellness, healthcare and pharma space. We focus on making advertising media simple for marketers and maximizing Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) by combining the latest in ad technology with human-led insight. We're passionate about our craft and we want people to know the value we bring to their business.


We're about the "so, what?", not just "the what", and definitely not "what?"


Who We Are

We are leaders. We are innovators. We are collaborators. We’re Underscore. With over seventy qualified employees, a leadership team dominated by brilliant tacticians, and a CEO and Founder, each with multiple awards and years of client success under their belt, Underscore is a company dedicated to getting you the results you need.


Our Core Values

Top Notch Expertise

We're experts with a thirst for learning no matter what we've mastered. We quickly acclimate to business situations and "Find Garcia" when there aren't obvious answers. Our mantra is "win or learn."

Assuming Positive Intent (API)

We focus our energy and attention on creating positive outcomes, and actively avoid drama by assuming everyone has the right intentions.

Confident Leadership

We lead our clients and partners forward with conviction, challenging assumptions and norms together to do our best work. We trust our experience and expertise and share thoughtful POVs that focus on the "so, what?" for marketers.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

We integrate multiple perspectives and key stakeholders on our way to arriving at the best answer, respecting and welcoming contributions and ideas different than our own because we believe many minds create the best results.

Mindful Innovation

We actively stay ahead of new opportunities and constantly evolve the way we think, create and execute our work—with purpose.

Improve ROI with Proven Products

We have a wide range of tools, all designed to help you achieve success. Whether it’s through optimization, analysis, data gathering, or something entirely new, we’ve got the answers. 

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Latest Thinking

Whether it’s a new article from our accomplished team of employees, a new Fix article deconstructing and exploring the purposes of our various tools, or a brand new Webinar Seminar video with Oliver and Dave, you’ll find everything here!









Common Questions

How much media has Underscore managed?

Underscore has managed nearly $1 Billion

How does Underscore have buying clout given its relative size?

  • Knowing the upper and lower bounds of any given market enable competitive negotiations
  • Media vendors extend deeper discounts because Underscore is not part of a public holding company.

Is Underscore global?

Underscore has European offices with a dedicated team of specialists that not only monitor campaigns 24/7, but are there to cater to the international needs of our customers.

Who works with Underscore?

Past and present clients include: Celgene, Gilead Sciences, Novocure, Twinnings, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Sunsweet, Sun Pharma, Alkermes, Celsius, Colace, Senekot, Weight Watchers, and more.

Do you have particular areas of expertise?

  • Integrated media campaigns
  • Hyper targeted drive to site programs
  • Pharmaceutical advertising to patients, healthcare professionals and payers