Strategy beyond the spreadsheet

We’re collaborators and perfectionists, focused on campaign success. Our experience is drawn from pioneering agencies and leading health and technology brands. We go deeper into research to draw out true actionable insights leading to tailored solutions for our clients.

Our Story

Founded in 2002, we’ve delivered steady growth and expanded capabilities year after year.

We started Underscore with the goal of bringing fresh thinking to bear on solving client business challenges, using a detail-oriented approach we pioneered in digital and then applied to integrated media. All media, even traditionally less-quantifiable vehicles like broadcast or out-of-home, must have measurement technology and ROI goals baked in from the start. This ensures that all campaigns can be continuously evaluated against the strategic goals we set at the beginning of the initiative.

We perform that evaluation with rigor and focus, combining the latest in data-driven ad technology with human-led insight.

We’re based in New York City and have locations in Morristown, NJ, Trumbull, CT, and Krakow, Poland. Our results have led to steady, organic growth, driven largely by our clients, who rely on us for proven results year after year.


We’re a group of subject matter experts with shared values and a focus on getting it precisely right.


The rules for success

Apply a healthy dose of reality
We don’t make recommendations that can't be implemented, or projections that can't be backed up with logical data.
Innovate, but first calculate
Not all technological innovations are equal. We don’t jump on any bandwagons without ensuring that the new technology delivers what it promises.
Bring Your A-Game
We ensure that our clients receive a consistent, expert-level team from kickoff to in-market and beyond.
Move onward and upward, relentlessly
The new digital landscape rewards brands that continually innovate and improve.
Avoid black boxes
We never use ad technology solutions unless they’re completely transparent.