We apply sound strategic thinking to every aspect of our planning and buying process

We look at every aspect of our clients’ businesses, their consumer attributes and their campaigns. As digital pioneers, we’re used to working with the complete picture. We’re always looking for ways to improve every aspect of a client’s program, small to large.

The right solution

Use what works

In the end, what matters are results. We built our approach and our reputation on always recommending the right solution, even if that means taking an approach beyond media. Smart PR, improvements to client websites or content, and events are all strategies we’ve recommended for our clients because they fulfill a particular need or are the best option to engage a particular audience.

“Sometimes, the best recommendation is the one we choose not to make.”

Tom Hespos, Founder, Chief Media Officer

Our Process

Developing strategic, nuanced, and measurable solutions.

We immerse in our clients’ business, looking for micro and macro improvements that can make a difference. Innovation helps drive improvements, and we often adopt a 70/20/10 model, to ensure we’re investing in the future while core tactics drive success in the present.
We come up with a strategy and a set of solutions for our clients’ specific needs. We work with our clients to adjust these solutions based on business requirements, consumer insights and intimate understanding of the health and wellness landscape.
Set Goals
Different business requirements need different targets, so we set realistic, challenging, useful metrics of success, based on our clients’ business goals
Measurement is essential to our recommendations. If we don’t have a way to measure a tactic’s success, we won’t recommend it. Intelligent metrics mean we can track the success of each campaign in real time, showing results as they come in.
Our clients need intelligent analysis that is actionable and understandable. Our reporting is based on set goals and actual data.
When something’s not working, we believe doubling down only makes it worse. We’ll change our strategy and tactics based on the data we receive, always aiming for optimal results.

Team Structure

Strong leadership and expert knowledge

We structure a client team with an experienced marketing practitioner at its center hub. This Communications Planner acts as lead strategist, primary contact and project lead. Our planners are real experts with client-side experience who combine a deep understanding of our clients’ consumers, their behavior, and the business’s marketing goals.
We’ve also staffed Underscore with subject matter experts who can bring real understanding to almost any challenge, product or audience group. Once we’ve identified our clients’ goals and unique situation, your Communications Planner calls in the right specialists to get the required results. This is how we deliver expertise efficiently.

“Just throwing people at a problem isn’t the way to arrive at an effective or productive solution. Bringing in only the right people, with the right experience, the right skill set and the right education, is what brings amazing results.”

Lauren Boyer, Partner, Chief Executive Officer


Ensure media and creative work together

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with dozens of creative agencies, integrating seamlessly with everything from holding company powerhouses to nimble, two-person shops.  Along the way, we’ve learned the importance of media strategy and creative execution working together seamlessly, and techniques to best accomplish this across teams and agencies.

Our job doesn’t stop until we ensure that every piece of creative supports our client’s business goals and ad strategy, adheres to creative best practices, and aligns closely with the media environments we recommend. This ensures the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you’re not currently working with a creative partner, we can recommend one with a proven track record, based on your business situation and the challenges at hand.


Rethink ROI

We believe that in order to achieve a proper ROI, it’s vital that marketing goals reflect a true and effective result that is right for the client’s business and customers. Whether it’s intent to purchase, increase in scripts or a boost in brand perception, our goal is to help clients find true metrics for success, track them precisely and celebrate real results