Analytics and Optimization

Precise targeting of HCPs via paid search

Non-personal promotion (NPP) is a growing means of intersecting healthcare providers to fill in gaps in the sales team, or to augment a particular campaign or geography. Digital media is a staple in many NNP efforts, but can a paid search program be used to attract targeted HCPs? See how we took this anti-coagulation campaign to the next level.

“It’s often the most subtle changes that bring the biggest improvements. That’s why we take time to think through what our audience might be thinking and develop a detailed plan before the first click occurs.”

Chris Tuleya, EVP, Media

First, do no harm.

This anti-coagulate, for patients who had received angioplasty, already had a healthcare provider-specific website. Our challenge was to drive cardiologists to that site, but not at the expense of their patient search campaign and website. There was significant keyword overlap to manage, and getting the right eyeballs to the right website was key to making sure every paid click was money well spent.

By analyzing existing keywords and their performance, and evaluating the site engagement at the keyword level, we were able to prioritize each term and its position. (Some got a higher spend, some got a lower spend; all got the right spend.) Plus, for the HCP search campaign, we updated the ad copy to ensure is was specifically relevant to the HCP audience, so money wasn’t being spent attracting patients to a site intended for physicians. A close analysis of search behavior among HCPs also enabled us to expand the keyword list and find some sweet spots.


Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The resulting campaign was a significant improvement, but our work didn’t stop the day it launched. We continued to analyze, adjust and nuance to maximize qualified site visits while minimizing cost. The results:

  • Traffic to the HCP site increased 99% over the previous search campaign.
  • And we weren’t cannibalizing the patient website. Consumer campaign metrics remained stable, with traffic decreasing less than 5%
  • Costs decreased by 45% and enabled the brand to add other significant efforts to its NPP efforts

“Oliver always tells us that just because a search campaign is doing great, doesn’t mean we should stop looking for improvements. In fact, the better the campaign is doing, the harder we have to look, since the low-hanging fruit is gone. But we never let that stop us.”

Bartek, Media Analyst