Broadcast TV

Negotiating still plays an integral role in Broadcast TV buys

Broadcast TV has the unique ability to reach millions of households at a single time. This distinction often results in high costs when compared to other channels. However, the traditional nature of Broadcast TV still allows for negotiating the best price for our clients.

Through our long standing relationships within the broadcast community, Underscore is able to leverage cost savings and program upgrades for our clients while maintaining a 100% run rate. Our cost savings range from a low of 20% to a high of 65% depending on the program, time of year, and timing to market.

“The practice of negotiating is alive and well in Broadcast. We thrive on fighting for the best rates and program placements for our clients.”

Cindy Seebeck, Senior Media Director, Broadcast

Tough Negotiations.

A regional hospital, with multiple locations, was launching a media campaign in the market with a 360 degree effort focused on branding the network. Broadcast TV accounted for the majority of the budget:

  • Underscore negotiated an overall 50% discount off of initial rates, well below industry benchmark
  • Savings allowed us to upgrade programs/dayparts and deliver pod position A within news programming
  • Negotiated added value billboards (:05 – :07) worth ~2% of the overall media spend in the market
  • Secured merchandising in the form of sporting event tickets valued at ~3% of the overall media spend in the market

The branding campaign was not only met with rave reviews by the client but it elicited conversations within the competitive set and the community at large as we planned on entering the market.