Focused Media Planning

Targeting affordably when inventory is limited

We've promoted niche drugs and treatments, where we had to effectively and efficiently locate and reach a small number of potential patients. However, this challenge was the exact opposite: a huge potential audience targeted by numerous competitive brands. In such cases, it's about standing out from the crowd while not overspending to do so.

“Having a target audience in the tens of millions can make a brand’s challenge harder rather than easier, because when a segment is that big, everyone is trying to sell them something.”

Tom Hespos, Founder, Chief Media Officer

Find the smaller ponds

Vivelle-Dot is an estrogen replacement therapy with a unique form, a transdermal patch. To make impact with the menopause market, the team was offering a voucher for a free one-month supply, but they were struggling to drive qualified voucher downloads at a positive ROI. We accepted this challenge.

Endemic menopause placements on premium digital sites was a natural fit, but were simply too expensive. We were competing for limited inventory not just with other ERT drugs, but with many other products marketed to menopausal women. This competition led to CPMs that were just too high to support a positive ROI. To make the campaign work:

  • We searched for, and found, placements where we would still find large numbers of target patients, but without the highly-contextual menopause content. Same audience, lower costs.
  • We negotiated cost-per-click agreements instead of CPM, ensuring that we were only paying for leads.
  • We worked closely with the creative agency to test and optimize the creative, running the most effective ads more often and working to improve the others.

Optimize every component

By seeking out less-obvious placements, negotiating tirelessly, and optimizing creative, we were able to drive voucher downloads on a cost-per basis that was on target with the brand’s goal. Because of the amount of competition, it was crucial that we maximized efficiency on all three of these fronts to achieve the desired ROI. And in the end, the campaign we delivered was over 10-times more efficient than prior approaches.

“Making the Vivelle-Dot campaign a success wasn’t about any one thing. As with so many engagements, it was about the totality of all the things we did.”

Jennifer Smith, VP Communications Planning