Multi-channel negotiation, buying and auditing

Infusing consumer engagement into a consumer promotion platform

When it comes to placements and overall media strategy, there is rarely one single best answer. It's why we consider all options, even those the client might not express an initial interest in. Not just considering different channels, but understanding how they have the potential to complement and support one another, allowed this leading cough/cold brand to turn a lagging campaign into one that exceeded goals.

“Determining exactly how and where to spread the word is as important to a successful consumer promotion campaign as the promotion itself. Layering tried and true methods with digital innovation to drive consumer engagement allows us to zero in on the best combination of media placements and achieve greater results.”

Chris Tuleya, EVP, Media

Finding customers starts with looking in the right places.

Our client, a leading cough/cold brand, was developing a sweepstakes to drive brand engagement and ultimately spark sales leading up to cold season. They planned to spread the word via TV ads and limited PR efforts, but the projected engagement level wasn’t meeting the campaign goal.

We developed an interactive media plan that augmented and integrated with the PR efforts, TV investments and campaign messaging to reach the right consumers and drive engagement with the promotion. Specifically:

  • We leveraged placements across social media, linked from TV sites that were promoting the campaign.
  • We extended the message into environments where consumers are more likely to respond to a sweepstakes, such as gaming sites and loyalty programs.
  • We negotiated cost per click (CPC) rather than buying typical CPM placements in order to gain massive reach within the allotted budget.

To achieve great results, you have to go beyond the “yes or no” questions.

The devil is truly in the details. Digital wasn’t simply the “right” strategy any more than TV and PR were “wrong”, because in the end, they were all important and played a role in the overall success of the campaign. Using the right variety of digital placements rather than simply adding banner ads and hoping for clicks—and layering and combining those placements with traditional media—is what made the difference in this case. In the end, digital channels successfully drove the highest consumer engagement for the promotion among all media, and consumer engagement projections were exceeded while the cost per interaction came in well below budget as the result of our optimizations.

“It’s never easy to see a plan that others feel is great and suggest improvements. But, if those improvements will truly propel the brand to the next place, we aren’t doing our jobs if we don’t comment. Our commitment to getting it exactly right means politely encouraging innovation and testing new ideas where and when we believe it will benefit our clients.”

Lauren Boyer, CEO