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Whether it’s a new article from our accomplished team of employees, a new Fix article deconstructing and exploring the purposes of our various tools, or a brand new Webinar Seminar video with Oliver and Dave, you’ll find everything below!


At Underscore, we’re constantly looking to educate and inform, not just our clients, but any who want to learn more about the digital marketing industry! Our goal is first and foremost to let you in on the inner workings of Underscore, and how our various tools and products help address the biggest concerns of our industry. 


Join digital media experts Oliver Nelson and Dave Ruppel for Underscore’s Webinar Seminars, as they discuss the issues facing our industry today, Underscore’s unique solutions to these difficult challenges, and even answer real-time questions with you, the audience!


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The Fix Article Series

The Fix is Underscore’s exploration of the various tools we’ve built across our core capabilities. Through the Fix, you’ll understand the thought process that led us to creating these tools, what areas of the media industry they seek to find solutions to, and how they find sustainable and actionable answers to your media issues and challenges!


If You Build it, They Might Not Come?

With Drive To Site (or DTS) from Underscore, there’s a fix. With a mixture of modern digital tactics, we guarantee exposure to the right people, quickly and efficiently, in order to capture new visitors! READ MORE

Media Plans Falling Apart? Let's Fix That.

With Underscore Marketing’s MediaVision, we’re right there with you from step one, and help to provide an organized planning process, that brings in not only all your partner agencies, but senior management, too! Everyone starts the planning journey together with MediaVision. READ MORE

Vaugue About Visitors?

With Underscore’s Visitor Verification Survey, you can put that doubt away. Our Data Management Infrastructure is an easy to use, simple to set up tool, designed to create a living hub with an up to date library, holding all your data needs. READ MORE

SEO is easy! You just set it up and let it run, right?

Nope, unfortunately, it's not that easy. SEO is a constantly evolving organism that needs to be attended to in an ongoing fashion to see consistent results. Our Category Analysis Benchmark (CAB) breaks down exactly where you can win in the search engines, how to bolster what’s already working, what areas are ripe for the taking, and what your competitors are doing (or not doing), that we can capitalize on.


How often are your biggest questions actually answered?

Monthly reporting meetings unfortunately rarely give you the salient details you need to 1) understand how your campaign is doing and 2) how to optimize what you already have in the market. The data you get in these meeting is usually almost a month old and completely static. With our @Sense product we gather all of your marketing and sales data, partition it in a secure database and build you a dashboard that you can access any time you want. All the data is live and can be sliced and diced any way you want. READ MORE

Is your site's data set up correctly?

Do you wonder if your data-setup was actually set up correctly, to ensure that you have access to all of your website data? 90% of websites don't have correctly implemented tracking and analytics. If you're not sure your website is properly set up, then our Site Analytics Management (SAM) is for you!


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