MediaVision is an Underscore product designed to bring every member of your team into the same space via our strategic approach. It makes media planning for any campaign an inclusive, thorough, and efficient use of time. MediaVision guides you from brainstorm to blueprint to help determine a final roadmap together. It is a fully-informed campaign plan, backed up by extensive research and data, and prepped to deploy at just the right time.

We believe media planning requires more than checking in with individual teams. We believe you need a vision. Contact us today for more information.

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Key Benefits


Bring all stakeholders together at once


Conduct campaign planning as a single unit


Every member of the team gets a say




No Campaign Experience? No problem.


  • What can we do to help a brand with no experience in neither HCP nor DTC digital campaigns, and introduce them to a ground floor for each, to both learn and succeed? 



  • Enacting our MediaVision process, we worked to educate the brand on both kinds of campaigns through the onboarding process. From there, we set up test-level investments with KPIs being increased over time, along with growing awareness among low writing HCPs and potential patients.

  • After that, we fully executed and managed the program and measurement partners, and collaborated with all key stakeholders throughout the pilot. 

  • Physicians exposed to the campaign had a 20% incremental lift over the control group representing an 8% increase in TRX among test physicians.

  • New/Switch patients accounted for 17% of product use after campaign exposure.

  • The consumer component achieved a 1.3:1 ROI, as measured by Crossix.