Adjusting To An Evolving SEO Landscape

The world of Search is constantly evolving as search engines become smarter, grow, and continue learn how to best answer the “questions” users present to them. The fast pace of online search can make it an intimidating channel for digital marketers to tackle. There are simply not enough not enough hours in the day for marketers to check off the items of their ever-growing “to do” lists, while also staying informed on the most recent search engine algorithm updates, where their site is ranking versus the competition, among other factors.

Enter Underscore’s CAB product.

The Category Analysis Benchmark, aka the CAB, is a product that provides clients with an overview of the SEO landscape, from a specific category (disease state for pharmaceutical marketers) analysis to the broad strokes of the vast SEO world, including best practices. The CAB also includes a competitive overview and recommended strategies such as link building and keyword/category updates for the benefit of the website. The CAB answers questions like, “What SEO strategies are my competitors in the space utilizing, and how do we win?” Or, “What are the latest updates in the SEO landscape and how can my brand take advantage of the latest trends?” Essentially, the main focuses of the CAB are maintaining and boosting your visibility in the organic rankings, continuing to build authority for your brand by acquiring strong partnerships via link building, developing relevant and robust content, and moving ahead of competitors.

Much like the search environment it’s studying, the CAB flows with the landscape. SEO is not a “set it and forget it” discipline and our CAB follows suit, evolving to fit a client’s ongoing SEO needs when needed. The reasons to pursue a full, abbreviated, or “refresh” CAB is dependent on specific client needs and their indication-specific category. A CAB “refresh”, which is essentially a secondary CAB completed for a client, should be conducted 2-3 years after the initial CAB is developed and delivered. Additionally, a refresh could be needed for other reasons: perhaps there are major technical changes or algorithm updates that greatly affect your SEO strategy. Maybe a client is acquiring a new indication that introduces them to a category previously unexplored in the first CAB. And if there’s a major creative site update coming down the pipeline, a CAB refresh could equip the creative agency with the tools needed to set the site up for SEO success from re-launch.

The CAB can shed light on how competitors and condition trends have changed over time and, specifically, how content and keywords on a client’s site should be updated based on the changes in the category itself. A CAB refresh will also evaluate the current organic rankings and help to understand if those rankings are better due to algorithm updates.

SEO isn’t static; therefore, a brand’s SEO practices shouldn’t be either. The CAB is a useful tool that allows a brand to see the big picture idea behind the search landscape of their category and learn ways to optimize within it. And by letting the CAB evolve with the client, your brand has the highest opportunity to stay on top of any changes that could come your way.

By: Amanda Fiore

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