eMarketer’s Ten Key Digital Trends For 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

eMarketer defined the top digital trends that should be on marketers’ radar in 2020. Below our  team expands on what this means for the industry and our clients. 

Because of the US presidential election, 2020 could be challenging. Marketers should prepare for controversies and heightened polarization that may be impossible to avoid during the campaigns.

More digital media consolidation will impact all market players, not only the most significant digital ad sellers. The long tail of vendors will band together to increase their competitiveness against the Google/Facebook/Amazon triopoly. Advertisers will increasingly rely on just a few of the most prominent players for paid digital media placements. Having a strategy to leverage these giants is critical to future success.

Privacy concerns are also driving increased spend within the triopoly as the rest of the market struggles with the privacy limitations.

China’s tech companies will gain prominence and become the experts and consultants for US tech companies.  

Even though Facebook users are beginning to spend less time within the platform, Facebook will still have massive reach and the ability to scale highly targeted campaigns. Advertisers will have to closely monitor campaigns to ensure that their dollars are not wasted on inactive Facebook users.

Digital video viewership will be even more fragmented because of the increasing number of streaming services. This reality will be challenging for marketers, as the viewership will be divided between many platforms. Identifying channels and methods to consolidate the fragmented market should be a priority. Rethinking reach and how it is achieved will be critical.

Digital audio advertising is booming. Based on eMarketer’s prediction, 2020 will be the first year when adults in the US spend more time listening to digital audio than radio. Audio advertising will become similar to other digital media; cross-screen programs, automation, audience targeting, will become standard

Live streaming will make a big comeback in 2020 and will be, or already is, inherent to many social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

5G is a reality – consumers expect better media experiences; mobile developers and advertisers must rise to meet these expectations.

‘Retail as a Service’ (RaaS) platforms will help brands and retailers increase reach outside of Amazon. To learn more about RaaS and how to use it to empower your business, read Retail As A Service Platforms Will Help Brands And Retailers Scale

Post is based on insights from eMarketer’s Ten Key Digital Trends for 2020

What Marketers Need to Know in the Year Ahead.

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