Category Analysis & Benchmark


Category Analysis & Benchmark, or CAB, is an Underscore strategic planning input tool dedicated to optimizing your search campaigns. Conducting a CAB is the quickest way for your organization to understand your search engine optimization and search engine marketing needs and gain a comprehensive search strategy designed for your success in the channel. With a CAB, you receive the certainty of a proven strategic roadmap to help optimize your website.

Key Benefits


Learn about your current Search engine profile and analyze competitive learnings


See where you can optimize weak points in your search strategy & shore up strong points


Set an actionable plan into motion for a stronger website which, in turn, should strengthen your positions in the search engines



Launching a New Product in a Competitive Market



  • What can we do to prepare for the launch of a new product, a few years away from approval, in a highly competitive marketplace and category, where our brand will be the fourth to market?



  • By starting the planning process early and performing CAB, we built a robust roadmap, filled with landscape trends, competitive insight, targeted audience digital search behaviors, and content analysis.

  • We used this to drive our digital strategy and website content plan. In parallel, we took the data and identified the right keywords for a robust search program and best-in-class organic ranking plan.

  • Our agencies were all armed with insights and details on what areas we can win with content, and our creative agency used it as a guide when developing the website and subsequent assets.


  • Streamlined collaboration and strategic alignment with all partners.

  • Four consecutive months of significant SEO gains upon launch, (and counting).

  • Consistent decreases in Bounce Rate and 20 percent month-over-month increases in Time On Site.