Solutions that work, ideas that elevate campaigns

Underscore offers a full range of media, strategy and analytics services for health and wellness clients. We work with our clients to determine the best services for their needs.

We implement our services with an approach founded on human insight, an understanding of technology, healthcare and consumer needs, and a dedication to seeing the big picture so our clients can focus on what matters to them – their consumers’ wellbeing.

We focus on:

  • Digital
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • OOH
  • SEM / SEO
  • Mobile
  • Radio
  • Social Media


Focused media planning

With a wide range of experience in digital, print, broadcast and OOH, our team fully analyzes the marketplace and performs a comprehensive landscape snapshot, usage analysis, and competitive review. This helps us determine and recommend the right communication goals and project a realistic ROI.


Multi-channel negotiation, buying and auditing

We’ll beat your benchmarks while efficiently buying TV/DRTV, Print, Digital, Mobile, OOH and Radio. How? Because efficient media buying is driven more by market knowledge than it is by “buying clout.” Our rates don’t travel outside the agency/client relationship, so our media partners know they can offer us significant discounts without having to further extend that discount to an entire holding company. We help our clients make the right investments in the right media, size their market opportunities and set realistic budgets, because we know the market.


Analytics and optimization

Our data analysts thoroughly review and interpret campaign results as they come in. Then we compare results to goals to give an accurate and realistic analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and where effective improvements can be made. We iterate and optimize continuously to course-correct as needed.


Program measurement

Statistics mean nothing if they have no bearing on your business goals. Our deep understanding of measurement technology helps us measure what matters and deliver actionable insights that keep your campaigns improving continuously.


Custom research, consultation and solutions

Our people helped drive the digital transformation of the media landscape. That experience is crucial when helping our clients determine which digital innovations will improve their business, and which are a passing fad.

“Not a quarter goes by that we don't come up with an improvement to our paid search analysis tools or methodologies for one of our clients. And as soon as we do, we roll it out so all of our clients benefit. We're never resting, and it's incredibly exciting.”

Chris Tuleya, EVP, Media


Search marketing

Search is one of the most effective means to attract customers, but what makes more sense for your business – paying for search results or investing in organic rankings? The answer can be surprisingly complex. We deliver a thorough SEO and SEM strategy that includes competitive reviews, marketplace insights and a ranking of the most effective keywords. We deliver insight that answers the question of whether your business is better off investing in SEO, SEM, both or neither.

Our search services have been recognized by TGaS Advisors “Best in Benchmark” Awards three times in the past two years. These highly selective awards are given only to brands and campaigns that are not merely best in category, but that have performance metrics “significantly higher” than all peers. The TGaS Advisors website provides complete details for their 2013 and 2014 awards.


Social media content review and recommendations

Organic conversation happens across social media channels, with or without the willing participation of brands. What happens in these conversations can affect sales, brand loyalty and reputation for years to come. Our social media specialists help clients choose when and where to join the conversation, and how to make the most of social equity.


We cultivate the right strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships for our clients

The business of broadcast is based on the ability to leverage long standing relationships between buyers and sellers for the benefit of our clients. Cultivating the right strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships results in advantageous rate structures and strong in-market opportunities for our clients. As a result, Underscore believes in a hands on senior management approach where negotiations are conducted by experienced members of the agency. This gives our clients the peace of mind that the negotiation has been fully realized, resulting in a campaign that is on strategy and competitively priced. When appropriate, we also employ an automated system that can be optimized and measured to further drive efficiency, increase frequency and return on investment.

“At Underscore we believe only experience can make a good broadcast buyer. All negotiations are handled by seasoned professionals with at least a decade of buying experience.”

Cindy Seebeck, Senior Media Director, Broadcast