Site Analytics Management


Did you know that nine out of ten websites have incorrect KPI tracking set up? Without proper set up, you miss out on accurate information that can help you understand, interpret, and convert your KPIs to actionable steps in your campaign. That's where we come in.


Site Analytics Management, or SAM, is a specific proprietary Underscore tool built to make sure that KPI tracking on your website is accurate, and offering you correct data. Using SAM, it is possible to not only audit your current IT set-up and understand the ways it’s reporting inaccurate KPIs, but also, to then create proper KPI tracking and make sure you’re making fundamental campaign decisions from correct data.

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Key Benefits


 Understand what demographics you’re hitting


Learn how to reach the targeted demographic


 See your desired demographic’s presence increase



Finding the needle in the haystack



  • What can we do to help fix and optimize a new e-commerce website, while understanding why engagement numbers and sales dropped so soon after launch?



  • Underscore performed SAM’s initial value-add website tracking audit and analysis to see what was going on under the hood of a new site. Upon review, it was clear that the user flow and analytics needed an overhaul to be brought up to recent Google standards. 

  • Upon conducting a full SAM, we created lead magnets from the landing pages and created user flows through to the sales confirmation page. Within two weeks, a new optimized website design went live, helping speed the customer decision-making process, and identify major challenges for mobile sales from the original design. 

  • The website bounce rate dropped by over 40%

  • E-commerce sales increased on the site by 200% in 3 weeks

  • Revenue increased by over $5MM in the next two quarters thanks to sales force re-alignment, made possible from data being made available