Strategic Competitive Analysis


Reading the competition is hard enough. See things more clearly with the Strategic Competitive Analysis, an Underscore product that gives you a glimpse into your competitor’s backyard, offering a sneak peek at competitor tactics, victories, and areas where they’re lacking, giving you all the information you need and more to gain awareness, make incremental shifts, and help you respond to your competition. Take a peek under the hood by utilizing a tool that can track brand placement, determination of message and audience pinpointing, accounting for market shifts and context for your market category. We want to ensure an informed strategy on your end.

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Key Benefits


Learn your competitor’s strategy and tactics


 See how those strategic tactics impact your brand's campaign


Devise how to race ahead of the competition



Catching Up To The Competition



  • How do we help optimize a launch brand entering their second year on a new market against a significant competitor with earlier approval?



  • Using the Strategic Competitive Analysis, we implemented an analysis that reverse engineered the competition’s marketing strategy, by combining targeting, media placement and spend, creative content, and market context. This provided a view into the competition’s future plans, extrapolated from their recent activity.

  • SCA lead to important insights into strengthening the brand’s market presence and work to stack the deck in our favor.

  • SCA also revealed a competitor was poised for a large market push; the brand was advised to secure all first right of refusal program renewals.

  • Thanks to the quick action informed by SCA, the competition was blocked for another year in many major properties and publications.