Not everything changes, and these aspects of the industry stand to this day. These marketing tools embrace the classic methods of marketing – print, broadcast, out of home – and put modern spins on them, turning them into models of innovation for the 21st century.

HCP Surround Sound

HCPs have only so much time in their days and it's increasingly difficult to reach them via traditional marketing tactics. HCP Surround Sound is an Underscore product tailored to help you reach the right doctors at the right time. With HCP Surround Sound, you'll go beyond traditional print and digital tactics to offer various customized, non-personal programs in order to drive more quality engagement and, likewise, more education for the doctors at hand. Learn More >


It can be hard to guarantee that the right people are seeing your marketing, especially when they’re so crucial to the overall success of a brand or industry. Luckily, with Payer 360, you’ll be able to encircle them through a conglomeration of tactics, that help influence them on every level, and ensure they’re seeing your advertising, no matter where they are. Payer 360 is made up of several tactics that work together to create a complete intersection between your marketing, and the payer’s day to day exposure. Through Payer360, you receive the digital intersection of geofencing and domain targeting, endemic adjacency, and behavioral, a window into payer insights and touchpoints to help you maximize your efforts, Learn More >


Appropriately named, Bullseye is an Underscore product designed as an analysis to help you navigate and understand the spaces that make up the Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) segmentation. Through extensive research, Bullseye educates you and your team on the channel and tactic preferences of the different segments that make up your target lists. Because while NPP may make it look like you’re designing a message that appeals to everyone, your segments are made up of much more subjective targets. We're here to help you hit the mark, every time. Learn More >

Advanced Measurement

You may have multiple campaigns running, but how do you know if you’re actually moving the needle? Through various methodologies, Advanced Measurement helps answer the question that matters most about media performance: is my media working? With Advanced Measurement, you’ll have your hands elbow-deep in the data, and, after deliberation and consultation, can test for any attribute you’d like. You can create a control group in our tool that is representativeof your target audience and can tell you how each group changes in accordance with different variables. Learn More >