Search Marketing

Ensuring qualified visitors

Paid search can be an effective part of many programs. But while getting a favorable cost-per-click is an important goal, making sure those clicks are qualified is even more important. Otherwise, you are just wasting money. When we initiate or take over a search campaign, we always roll up our sleeves and look at both sides of the CPC campaign: before and after the click.

“Clicks and eyeballs are great, but as crazy as it sounds, an unqualified click is actually worse for my clients than no click at all.”

Oliver Nelson, Media Director, Global Search Lead

Keep digging.

Antiplatelet therapies can provide significant benefits to patients who received an arterial stent after a cardiac event, but large numbers of eligible patients are unaware of these benefits. We took over an existing paid search campaign for one such drug that, while somewhat effective, was not doing all it could to attract as many qualified clicks as possible.

Sometimes the only way to get from ‘pretty good’ to ‘really good’, and from ‘really good’ to ‘great’, is to roll up one’s sleeves and dig in, and that was certainly the case here.

  • We reviewed all existing keywords in detail and identified previously unbought terms that were likely to deliver qualified leads.
  • We added numerous variations of spelling of the brand name, to support both the brand campaign and physician product mentions.
  • We narrowed the search match type and rigorously optimized the bids over and over again.
  • We worked with the creative agency to add additional link options within the branded ads to make them more effective.

A penny saved is…

After taking over and optimizing the campaign, not only did the branded site see significantly higher visit volume, but a higher percentage of that volume was qualified. And this was accomplished while lowering the average cost-per-click from $4.83 down to $2.06. Truly, a win-win-win.

“We have fantastic analytical tools and access to all of the best industry research, but time and again it comes down to a little human ingenuity and hands-on hard work.”

Chris Tuleya, EVP, Media