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Improve your search marketing results strategically with an integrated approach. You’ll get the best results with a combination of expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search. Optimize your website code and search campaigns together to maximize ROI.

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Understand the narrative behind your campaigns through intelligent analytics. Discover the true story in your numbers and make sense of the data your media campaigns produce. Learn which nuances drive your campaigns (e.g. targeting, message, landing page, offer, call to action, etc.) and identify new avenues of success.


Traditional Media

Consolidate your media efforts for better results. Avoiding shiny object syndrome and aligning marketing objectives across all media yields optimal campaigns. Integrating your campaigns lets you know which efforts are working and which need optimization. You can more easily keep your campaigns accountable by looking at consolidated metrics.


Emerging Media

Innovate and maintain a firm grip on new and emerging media. Working collaboratively with experts connected to emerging ad tech means you’ll always have fresh ideas and perspective to share with your organization.



Keep the pulse of your consumers through social channels. Engage your best prospects within current and emerging social platforms. Optimize campaigns based on consumer feedback and leverage proprietary technology. 

Our Core Products

We’ve got the answers. Some of our most popular products include:

Strategic Competitive Analysis

Category Analysis & Benchmark


Drive to Site

Site Analytics Management


Additional Proprietary Solutions

Underscore is all about solving your challenges. In our history, we’ve dealt with many different challenges, and worked hard to provide solutions. The following representative proprietary solutions based tools are examples of tools created to find answers to specific issues, that have grown to become useful for other clients.


Search Start

Welcome to full service franchise search management. With our help, you can know which keywords each brand and line of business needs to appear with, and when to drive your business forward. Search Start includes: Search engine optimization support, including coding, tagging, and keywords; bidding priority across brands; a fully baked search strategy for search engine marketing and optimization.

HCP Surround Sound

Reaching Health Care Providers (HCPs) through traditional marketing is difficult and costly. Our approach focuses on reaching our target physicians effectively and efficiently.


This is a Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) segmentation analysis. We can offer this analysis to clients and prospects who want a deep analysis of their specific target specialties.

Advanced Measurement

You may have multiple campaigns running, but how do you know if you’re actually moving the needle? Through various methodologies, Advanced Measurement helps answer the question that matters most about media performance: is my media working?

Database Management Infrastructure (DMI)

Custom data flow setup and organization to focus time on monitoring data vs gathering.

Visitor Verification Survey (VVS)

With VVS, we’ll use our very own measurement platform to track down the audience quality & media attribution happening in your campaigns.


We give you the ability to speak directly to your most important audience and target specific data sets based on the following: Audience, behaviors, devices, and location.

Own The Condition

Want to capture the newly diagnosed, right as they’re searching for their affirmed condition? Let us help you dominate a condition’s ad space across top health-related websites.

Social Ear

This is our social listening product. It can be used to help potential clients understand what people are saying within the social space about their brands.