Social media

Leveraging social media amongst moms to differentiate a brand

There's no question that social media offers great opportunities for consumer engagement. But to be truly effective and maximize ROI, both the media and creative approaches to social must be carefully crafted to work together and to resonate with the target audience. See how we helped this leader in the children's pain and fever category regain its footing.

“The most successful campaigns feature creative and messaging that works hand-in-hand with the media strategy. This has proven itself time after time, and it’s why we work closely with brands’ creative agencies. And while true everywhere, it is perhaps nowhere more the case than in social media.”

Chris Tuleya, EVP, Media

Got brand message, check. Now, let’s make it resonate.

This brand was facing steep competition in the children’s pain and fever category. Private label was eating their lunch and big box stores were considering another decrease in coverage across outlets. With limited marketing dollars and slumping sales figures, the brand turned to us for advice on how they could engage moms to make big impact during the current cold/flu season.

We dissected the target audience’s media habits, conducted competitive reviews, and did some primary research on what really matters to moms regarding their child’s pain or fever. All roads led to a big presence on Facebook where the brand could showcase its unique character and create an emotional connection.

  • We reached 5 million moms within the season
  • Within the first 3 months we achieved 90,000 brand followers, with 97% of those followers coming as a result of the media push
  • Sales increased 10% in the campaign timeframe

A genuine voice is a memorable voice.

Social offers a huge opportunity to reach target groups, but if the message doesn’t resonate with the target it will be ignored as “just an ad”, or worse still, not even noticed. To appeal to moms of children ages 2-12, we had to dig deep to uncover a genuine way to make the brand’s message resonate, thus ensuring the brand would be recalled at shelf. Becoming a social voice in a forum moms use often and trust, we differentiated the brand from private label and other competitors, and grew a following that impacted sales growth.

“The role of social media can differ brand to brand and challenge to challenge. We’re not fans of simply driving Facebook likes without defining the objective. But when Facebook is a unique way to impact consumer impression we know exactly how to leverage it.”

Tom Hespos, Chief Media Officer